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品牌故事 Brand Story


2020年由Facebook最大旗袍社群「CHICPOW 旗袍同好會」之創辦人馬于文老師所創立。

CHICPOW為Chic Power的縮寫,諧音「旗袍兒」,亦為「時尚力量」之意。





CHICPOW, a homophone of qipao, is also behind the name “Chic Power” which is an oriental influenced fashion label founded in 2010. The founder Yogi Ma also launched one of largest qipao groups on Facebook, “CHICPOW Taipei” in 2015. CHICPOW is committed to promoting women’s cultural clothing and creating fashionable, youthful daily- wear designs. We strive to empower modern women to live more confidently, balancing the brilliance and beauty of art and other fine aspects of culture. We design new qipao at the same time we also hand-select quality international designer qipaos, serving ladies who love qipaos all over the world.





創辦人 Founder



馬于文老師為輔大文創系講師,畢業於實踐大學商業設計系,及義大利Domus Academy設計系。在業界從事企業品牌行銷與設計經驗超過二十年,經歷精品業、地產業和設計產業,其中包括誠品、Armani Casa, 橙果設計、IKEA和微熱山丘等品牌。因為有感年輕人不再穿上旗袍這樣美麗的優雅文化服飾,於2015年在Facebook上成立「CHICPOW旗袍同好會」,從一個門外漢開始研究旗袍,漸漸瞭解到這個沒落產業的美麗與哀愁,集結多年來大眾對旗袍的迷思和疑問,於2019年初版「打開民國小姐的衣櫃」,也是台灣第一本旗袍知識的入門書,,並且持續以「民國小姐」在臉書上分享旗袍相關知識,推廣旗袍文化,期許每位華人女性都能擁有屬於自己的一件旗袍。



Ms. Yogi Ma, is currently the lecturer at Fujen Catholic University, graduated from Design school of Domus Academy in Italy and Shih Chien University in Taiwan. She has been working as a professional brand marketer and designer over 20 years for international fashion and design brands. She established “Chicpow Taipei” on facebook, one of biggest qipao social community online in 2015 for there are less young ladies nowadays wearing qipao anymore. In order to promote qipao, she published a book of “Open the Closet of Qipao Ladies” as a qipao beginner’s manual for first timer in 2019. She believes all ladies should have at least one piece of qipao in life.